Welcome. I write about design, UX, UI, animation, creative entrepreneurship, art, & life in NYC. UX Director Lelantos Press, Artist, UX GA NYC Bootcamp grad.
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A journey into modular grid design through art

Grids have been around for a very long time

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How to grasp the concept quickly

In chemistry, an atom is the smallest unit* which combines with other atoms to form molecules, which then combine to form organisms.

Each atom has a specific shape formed by its properties

And why do they matter?

User Flow = Your user’s path to accomplish a task/mission

The importance of a user flow

User flows are invaluable assets to the design team to create the best possible user experience. User flow diagrams help designers, stakeholders and team members communicate the layout of an app interface in a clear visual way.

A basic user flow

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A user’s basic interaction of checking up on the daily weather, first getting a display of the temperature in degree Celsius, then in degree Fahrenheit. (Visual adapted from https://www.vecteezy.com/free-vector/weather, by dollyheidi.)

The happy path

… and how to discover your customers’ insights, wishes, and needs

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Listening as action


We need to listen with a focused intent to make our customers feel heard and understood

Herewith, our customers feel recognized to share anything and everything about…

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] Book-end [ your client project management with a Scope of Work and File Specs document

Expert management skills are a requisite for every media and design freelancer

But managing a freelance project AND making a client happy is a first-class high-wire act

As freelancers, we need to establish a communication protocol from start to finish for…

Because you are worth it.

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No 1

Embrace your design ideas, not perfection

Worry less.

Your designs are already perfect.

Having a partner is key to success. Especially if you are gathering UX data with the intention of bringing your idea to market

UX is a journey you shouldn’t make alone

Partner up and experience the rich data you can assemble. And in so doing, analyze your project’s long-term viability

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Millions of users and their data sets are accessible every day. Share it with a partner!

UX is about opening up to the world, and the hundreds of millions of users. Their habits, passions, and needs drive this world.

Delving into the wealth of user data is done better by strengthening your UX through partnership

How partnering can make your research successful, tapping into a world of millions of users

Nostalgia for the scent and taste of these precious culinary moments makes me write these down


Add your own in the comments below


5 simple steps on how to develop and analyze a CBM

CBMs are fun to create in your UX research, regardless of the size of the business. It can be a start-up, giant tech company, or a local business.

Here’s how

Step One: Define 4 quadrants with two intersecting axes

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Step Two: Define the elemental structure of the business by identifying top level engagements

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The next generation of UX methods defines how technology serves the idea, and how it enhances the user’s experience and delight.

The idea drives the engagement. Technology is a tool in our creative concept box.

However, let’s take a moment to breathe and investigate this idea nugget!

Empathy and story telling are at the heart…

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